Polythene Bags

Polythene bags printed with standard or bespoke print

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Available product options
Code Description Size Grade Colour Pack Qty Select
BXPS65210P2 colour 1 side carrier bag65 x 210mm500 gaugeClear1000
BXPC508VFC2 colour 2 sides carrier bag283/437 x 515mm130 gaugeBox 1000
BXPC508PP1 colour 2 sides carrier bag290/452 x 508mm130 gaugeBox 1000
BXPC508FFC1 colour 2 sides carrier bag290/452 x 508mm130 gaugeBox 1000
BXPB5055Warning Notice medium duty508 x 550mm250 gaugeClear1000
BXPB20285Warning Notice medium duty508 x 700mm250 gaugeClear1000
BXPB12165Warning Notice medium duty304 x 400mm250 gaugePack of 500
BXPB1212P1 colour 1 side medium duty300 x 300mm300g1000
BXPB1015P2 colour 1 side heavy duty10 x 15"400gClear1000
BXHT5072P1 colour carrier bag500 x 725mm1000
BXGP203530PVCI gusseted500/885 x 740mm400g1000
BXGP1051971771 colour 1 side gusseted1050/ 1977 x 1775mm120gClear1000