Pallet Top Sheets

Polythene top sheets which are placed over the top of pallets before wrapping

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Available product options
Code Description Size Grade Colour Pack Qty Select
BXTS75152Easy Opening750/1500 x 1500mm80 gaugeClearRoll of 350
BXPTS915915/1830 x 1830mm60 gaugeRoll
PTS91181915/1830 x 1525mm80 gaugeClear1000
BXPTS90185900/1800 x 1600mm76 gaugeBlueRoll
BXPTS90181900/1800 x 1800mm80 gaugeRoll
BXPTS900900/1800 x 1800mm200 gaugeRoll
BXPTS16004900/1800 x 1600mm76 gaugeRedRoll
BXPT10151015/20 30 x 1630mm280 gaugeRoll
BXPS24492620/1240 x 1500mm140 gaugeBlueRoll of 250
BXPS1020161000/2000 x 1600mm280 gaugeClearRoll
BXPC12505/451250/2300 x 2000mm250 gaugeRoll of 45
BXPB5092350/92 x 36"120gBlue1000
MEG1816CMegatop™900/1800 x 1600mmClearRoll of 250
MEG1816BMegatop™900/1800 x 1600mmBlackRoll of 250
BXHDTS91816900/1800 x 1600mm120 gaugeRedRoll of 350
BXHDTS70140700/1400 x 1600mm50 gauge1000