Hexcel Paper Overview

Manufactured in the UK, Hexcel Wrap is an innovative paper wrap designed to improve the efficiency of your packaging operations. Dispensed from an easy-to-use tensioning device, Hexcel paper offers remarkable protection by ‘bulking’ around your goods, offering a level of protection comparable to plastic bubble wrap. The unique product texture also produces an interlocking feature, which means there’s no need for tape either.

Features and Benefits


Easy to stretch, easy to tear, once stretched around a product Hexcel paper interlocks with itself. That means there’s no need for tape and can drastically reduce, not only your plastic use, but your pack times too.


Hexcel paper is FSC certified and 100% recyclable. It’s also biodegradable and can even save up to 50% in materials.

Surface protection:

The unique texture offers strong yet cushioned layers to your products and will not cause surface damage to products. In tests by Protega, Hexcel Wrap was shown to reduce breakages by 60%.

Made in the UK:

Manufactured in Andover, UK, Hexcel Wrap is synonymous with British quality and reliability. Both the paper and dispensers are a testament to robust and dependable British engineering.


  • Compact 390mm Hexcelwrap
  • Compact 500mm Hexcelwrap


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Additional Product info

Hexcel Paper is one of the most protective, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly wrapping systems for all your shipping needs. This sustainable paper bubble wrap alternative cushions and protects items, keeping them securely in place without the need for tape.

Hexcel Wrap’s innovative interlocking design creates a secure web around your products, ensuring they remain safe during transportation. The wrap is dispensed from a compact, manual tensioning device that can be easily positioned anywhere, without the need for electricity. Available in various widths, this unique product allows for faster packing speeds with continuous perforation, making it easy to tear at any length.

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