Protega Protect Overview

Manufactured in the UK, the Protega Protect is a cutting-edge desktop paper machine designed to produce consistent and high-quality paper cushioning tailored to your packaging needs. Available in two models, the 125 and 200, these machines offer an easy-to-use and reliable solution to enhance your operational efficiency.

Features and Benefits


Protega Protect produces the UK’s strongest paper cushion, offering guaranteed protection for your products. The cushioning is created from low-carbon paper, ensuring robust and durable packaging. Available in multiple colours and sizes, the 100% recyclable paper provides a versatile and eco-friendly packaging option.


The Protega Protect machines utilise 100% recyclable paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). By producing precise lengths of paper cushioning, these machines help eliminate waste and improve the consistency of your packaging process, promoting sustainable practices.

Compact and Portable

Both the Protega 125 and 200 models are designed to occupy minimal space, comparable to a standard office printer. Their compact footprint allows for easy integration into existing packing lines, with an optional adjustable stand for added convenience.

Made in the UK

Engineered, designed, and manufactured in Andover, UK, the Protega paper machines are synonymous with British quality and reliability. Supporting local manufacturing, these machines are a testament to robust and dependable British engineering.


– Protega 125: 635mm x 360mm, 50kg
– Protega 200: 635mm x 420mm, weight not specified

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Protega Protect and its paper cushioning are the perfect solutions for businesses seeking strong, sustainable, and efficient packaging. With their compact design, reliable performance, and eco-friendly materials, Protega Protect machines are an excellent investment for any packaging operation.

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