An Easy, Efficient Warehouse Packaging Operation

An Easy, Efficient Warehouse Packaging Operation


At Castle, we aim to make your whole packaging operation easy and more efficient. Whether you have a manual, semi-automated or a fully automated packaging operation, we can survey, design and create a dispatch function that will perfectly suit your business requirements.

We understand the complexities of packaging operations and the importance of having a warehouse solution that delivers. Taking a holistic view of your products, operators, your machinery and packaging materials our experts can help you to create the most efficient workflow that adds real value to your bottom line. Plus we’ll identify opportunities that can improve the customer experience and enhance brand loyalty.

Warehouse Design

If you’re a new business, or implementing a new warehouse and dispatch arm, here at Castle we will design the most efficient packaging operation for your products, whatever your business sector. Layout and method play a large part in the efficient dispatch and storage of goods. We’ll work with you to ensure that your capabilities and dispatch areas fit together, balancing packaging durability and consumer experience to enhance customer experience. We understand the need for a perfect solution every time and that moving and transporting products is a fundamental part of your business.

Packaging OPERATION Survey

We also provide a free packaging survey for existing warehouse and packaging operations. Within this we can identify cost reductions, efficiency improvements and environmental impacts to develop the perfect warehouse solution that meets your customers’ demands whilst achieving a return on your packaging investment.

Packaging Machinery

The latest packaging machinery can make your processes easier, more efficient, reducing your environmental impact and importantly, reducing your packaging costs. Here at Castle we consider the size, weight and shape of your products to design your perfect packaging operation.

  • Case Taping Systems: Speeding up despatch and reducing labour, our semi-automatic Case Taping Machines also prevent and detect mishandling and tampering of packages.
  • Strapping Systems: For fast, accurate and consistent strapping for high volumes, these machines integrate seamlessly into any packing line and are an ideal solution for the rapid dispatch of regular sized parcels.
  • Pallet Wrapping Systems: including Orbital Wrappers, Stretch-film Machines and accessories, our range will result in both material and time savings.

Complete Packaging Workstations

Packaging workstations are the key part of every warehouse, offering a one stop shop approach to wrapping and despatch. From ergonomic workstations and packing tables, to conveyor systems and film dispensers, we can help to improve your warehouse organisation and ensure space maximisation. Our complete packaging workstation solutions include:

From configuring packaging operations to reducing costs and supplying packaging consumables, machinery and ancillaries, here at Castle we know how important it is to meet customer expectations. If you’d like to find out how your packaging operation can be more efficient, or if you’d like to see a product demonstration on any of our machinery, contact us today and we’ll arrange a site visit.