The Secrets of an Efficient Packaging Operation

Every business will be looking to its bottom line to increase the net profit. What are the Profit Drivers in your business?  A small percentage change in any of these drivers could make a significant difference to the final profit figure. Packaging can make a big contribution to improving the figures – but do you know where to look when there are so many factors?  Why not get a FREE SHIELD PACKAGING SURVEY of your operation by contacting CASTLE today – there’s no obligation – just free advice.


Our Packaging Survey

These are a few of the areas that will be considered when we carry out our Packaging Survey:

  • Is the best type of pallet wrap used for the application?
  • Would you benefit from installing a pallet wrapper and using machine wrap?
  • Has over specified corrugated resulted in you paying too much for waste?
  • Could you use better sized boxes?
  • Have you considered suspension or retention packaging to reduce storage space drastically?
  • Plus lots more…


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