Innovative Packaging Products

Being at the forefront of innovative packaging makes us here at Castle Industrial a leader in the packaging industry. Never standing still, at Castle we don’t believe in “Business as Usual!” Our customers rely on us to be different, presenting new ideas to package and protect their products. So, we are… and we do!

Our innovation projects are inspired by our customers and their needs. We listen, consult and source products that will add value to both their operations and branding. We thought we’d share with you some of our projects that are now having a daily impact across various industries.

schreiber Wooden Packaging Range

schreiber wooden boxes packaging innovation

Our most recent new innovative packaging range. A winner, both aesthetically and practically, this range offers so much more than just a way to house, protect or transport products.

  • Presentation boxes. Currently popular for the transportation and presentation of wine bottles and cheeses, we’re keen to take this range forward and introduce similar packaging for products such as beer bottles and jars, etc.
  • Bottle Shipment. Used for the transportation of bottles, they have sliding lids and protect the bottles during what can be a very hazardous journey from production to sale.
  • Point of Sale Display Solutions. As part of our Presentation Packaging range, this is a very new and exciting area for us.  A striking addition to any point of sale area, these robust display stands hold up to 96 bottles, as well as other options and combinations.

We believe industries such as brewing, speciality foods, cheeses and condiments would be ideal for utilising adaptations of the wooden boxes, cartons and display solutions. For any retail company looking for an eye-catching point of sale display, we’d be keen to develop opportunities for further development of this range. This is just the beginning and we’re sure other markets will also be keen!


BUBLbag and BUBLpod Ranges

BUBL is a versatile product range of protective and innovative packaging in bags, pouches and pods.

  • BUBLbag is a range of inflatable protective bags which can be re-used. They are ideal for protecting small, high value electronic items such as vehicle parts, tablets, phones and monitors.
  • BUBLpod is a range of products developed for use in the wine and spirits industry. They inflate around the bottle to protect it from damage.  Consisting of a series of inflated tubes they are also be used as corner or end protection on flat items such as screens, monitors and radiators.

This range of products is easy to use and can be adapted or implemented across many different applications.



ColomPac BottlesColomPac

The ColomPac® range is cardboard packaging, aimed at the mailing and distribution market. Its main benefits are that it is extremely strong and easy to assemble. Our recently published article on ColomPac® explains its reputation for quality and durability.

The range includes:

  • Envelopes
  • Cartons
  • Book wrap
  • Bottle cartons

There are many options within the range to ensure that goods are shipped without fear of damage.

As innovators, here at Castle we are at the forefront of the packaging industry, stocking the widest range of packaging solutions. If you have a product with a tricky packaging specification, please contact us for a no-obligation conversation around your requirements. We’d be delighted to help!