ColomPac® Packaging Available at Castle

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For manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and e-commerce businesses that distribute a large volume of products, a top priority will always be the quality of packaging, to ensure those products survive the transit process. As a reputable packaging supplier, at Castle we live and breathe this issue! For this reason, we stock ColomPac® products within our diverse range of packaging options. The ColomPac® brand has an enviable reputation within the industry for quality and durability, providing an ideal solution for companies that buy their shipping packaging in bulk.

Climate-neutral and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, ColomPac® solutions make packaging easier with their unique self-sealing and red tear open strip on all of the range of varying dimensions, weight and design.

The ColomPac® range available from Castle includes:

ColomPac® shipping packaging was introduced to the German market by Dinkhauser Kartonagen Germany, in Barbing near Regensburg in 1997. The company went on to become an award-winning organisation, and continue to expand their operation. We know how to keep good company!

ColomPac® Despatch Cartons

The ColomPac® despatch cartons, available from Castle, are renowned for safe, secure and professional posting and return of items.

They are available in varying dimensions to cover a wide range of needs, supplied plain, or offset printed, white or manilla. Included in the range is the 2013 World Star Award winning return box which can be assembled in less than three seconds!

Some cartons have a four-point lid for optimum pilfer protection, and several items in the range can be reused as a storage box.

ColomPac® Board Envelopes

Board envelopes are available in varying thicknesses, ideal for prospectuses, magazines, books and mail order catalogues. Castle stock a variety of sizes in their all board rigid construction, all incorporating the unique ColomPac® self-sealing strip.

Some board envelopes are constructed from strong corrugated board which provides optimum protection against bending, with all-round reinforced edges. Other envelopes are made of high-grade solid board which results in a low net weight.

ColomPac® board envelopes come in variable packed depths with central filling for easy handling, and all-round reinforced edges to provide extra stability.

ColomPac® Cardboard Book Wrap

Suitable for CDs, books, catalogues, calendars, games, printed material and much more, the ColomPac® cardboard book wrap products offer a versatile packaging solution with self-seal options, for shipping this range of products.

Castle supply a number of different size cardboard book wrap items of varying dimensions, with or without safety flaps which provide reinforcement for heavy goods, preventing content falling out from the side.

ColomPac® Bottle Shipment Cartons

Castle currently offer 2 ColomPac® bottle shipment cartons. The news, hot of the press, is that we are so impressed with these cartons that we will be adding to this range in the very near future.

The ColomPac® bottle shipment cartons are suitable for the safe shipment of 0.75L Bordeaux type wine bottles with a maximum bottle height of 300mm. They are DHL certified for shipment.

Assembly is quick and easy, with a self-adhesive closure on the bottom and cover to save time and additional sealing materials. The one-piece design offers easier handling but doesn’t detract from the attractive and stable structure of the carton.

To find out more about ColomPac® items available from Castle, or for any other information, please contact us.