Everyone wants to save money but without knowing it your boxes might actually be costing you more money than you realise.

To start with, you choose a box because you want to protect your product which represents your brand.  But if your box is too big or the wrong shape or style your product could arrive damaged at the end user, casting a poor reflection on your brand.  So what are some of the options available and what are some of the things to consider when choosing a box?

1. There are a number of standard-size and style boxes that companies will keep in stock.  These will be the cheapest cost option, but may not be the right size for your product unless you are prepared to add extra in-the-box packaging, adding to the product cost.

2. Perhaps you have a number of different size products that need to be packaged in a box, but you cannot justify having a different size box for each product.  In this case, why not consider a multi-depth box with pre-set creases?  This means you only need to stock one product.

3. If your product is being despatched by courier it will need to be suitable for handling in transit.  There are special postal packaging boxes, designed for specific ranges of items, including cardboard tubes.

4. Or your product may be despatched on a pallet.  Making sure the boxes are the right strength cardboard can avoid any damage to the boxes when pallet wrapping for transit.

5. Have you considered the impact that printing makes on the product?  Maybe you don’t want to print on the outside, then why not consider printing inside the box, creating a wow factor for the recipient when they open the box?

6. Perhaps you offer a returns service for your products.  Then you could use a box that has a special tear-off strip for opening and a second strip for re-sealing the box for returns.

7. If you don’t want to add taping to your box, you could use a die-cut box that is cut to shape and which folds into itself, avoiding sealing the box with tapes or adhesives.

Whatever your requirement, and if you are unsure of the best option, then book a FREE Packaging Review with Castle Industrial Supplies, who can offer a full solution to enhance your brand.


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