Always thinking outside the box

Always thinking outside the box


As a packaging company, here at Castle we go beyond simply offering packaging solutions by stepping into many roles to add complete value to a client’s fulfilment process: compliance officer, protector, safety officer, innovator and advocate to name a few. All that responsibility in one box!

So how do we multitask so effectively for our clients and encourage them to think outside the box when it comes to their packaging requirements?


Castle as Protector: How do Castle protect your products?

Whilst it could be argued that the whole point of packaging is to protect products, we have certain ranges that provide added protection when needed.

  • Bubble packaging – bubble packaging can provide a protective layer for many fragile products, and is available in sheets, pouches, wraps and blankets
  • Edge and corner protection – available in foam and plastic to protect boxes and their contents
  • Foam packaging – pads, rolls and sheets to protect against impact, scuffing, scratching and abrasion. Polyethylene sheets and rolls can also act as an insulator and be used for interleaving products
  • Packaging papers – there are various types of packaging papers available, from waxed paper which has a moisture barrier offering water repellent protection, to Kraft sheets for all type of standard wrapping
  • Suspension packaging – the product is clamped between two cushions of film and stored as if floating on air during transport.


Castle as Innovator: Impressive packaging designs and branding

We’re immensely proud of our team of designers here at Castle who continually bring the wow factor to our packaging solutions. They take all aspects of the packaging remit, including any restrictions and considerations needed, and still come up with incredibly innovative designs to make our clients stand out from their competitors!

Whether it is for branded packaging, or to overcome packaging conundrums for particular product shapes or features, innovation is a key element of our offer to valued clients.


Castle as Compliance Officer: Making sure our clients are compliant

The sharing of knowledge is a natural part of our client relationship at all touch points throughout the process. Our expertise enables us to pass on valuable advice to keep our clients compliant in the use of their packaging.

For example, our clients should be aware of postal regulations. There are restrictions on various aspects of posting packages such as:

  • Dimensions and weight
  • Prohibited items: Some items cannot be posted, such as some alcoholic beverages, pesticides and some batteries.
  • Restricted items: Although not prohibited, some items carry restrictions such as aerosols, balloons, Christmas crackers and perfumes and aftershaves.

Clients should also be aware of their obligations in dealing with packaging waste as part of their Corporate Responsibility. We can offer advice on issues such as reducing packaging waste that goes to landfill and using packaging that can be recycled wherever possible.


Castle as Safety Officer: Safety in transit

Once your products are beautifully packaged, you need to ensure that they will be transported safely, not only to protect stock, but also for the safety of personnel and to meet all transport specifications.

Castle offer various transit safety solutions:

  • Pallet wrap and load stability – pallets, edge protection, pallet protection, Stretchfilm and Stretchfilm dispensers are all available from Castle to keep your loads safe in transit.
  • Strapping and stapling – Castle supply an extensive range of products and tools to stabilise loads, such as buckles and seals, staplers and strapping tools for either hand or machine application.


Castle as Advocate: The client relationship

The partnerships we build with our clients are instrumental to Castle’s success as a go-to packaging supplier. Through our understanding of the operation behind each client’s packaging needs, a partnership develops and we naturally become an advocate of their business, offering guidance where necessary and forging long term associations.

For more information on how Castle can help your business think outside the box, please contact us.