Experience ‘The Complete Package’

The Castle Warehouse

Here at Castle we are packaging specialists who work in partnership with our clients to provide essential protection of their goods and their brand. In doing so we pride ourselves on providing the “complete package” to SME’s and more sizeable organisations in the North West of England and across the UK.

Whilst that might sound like a hefty claim to make, we have great confidence in our holistic approach to meeting client packaging requirements; from design to end-user delivery.

What sectors do WE supply packaging to?

As a wholesaler and packaging specialist, we provide an essential service to fast moving sectors such as manufacturing, distribution and retail.

Being at the forefront of packaging innovation and at the same time providing a polished service, are key to our enviable reputation within the packaging industry. After more than 20 years of trading, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge across many packaging ranges.

What packaging products do WE supply?
  • Cardboard, boxes and containers
  • Carton sealing and adhesives
  • Mailing and transit solutions
  • Pallet wrap and load stability
  • Polythene products
  • Presentation packaging
  • Protective Products
  • Strapping and Stapling
  • Warehouse Solutions
creative packaging solutions

In addition to providing practical packaging solutions, we are also very proud of our innovative products, such as branded packaging. By using our expertise in structural and graphic design we help clients develop the most suitable quality of packaging – in some cases removing the need, and therefore cost, of outer packaging – along with appealing artistic designs to enhance a client’s brand and make their packaging stand out.

Ask for a FREE packaging survey!

Being very aware of the impact of packaging as a cost of goods sold, as part of our “complete package”, we offer a Packaging Survey which provides free advice to help businesses realise a return on investment from their packaging, or at the very least to keep costs to a minimum. The Packaging Survey can include questions such as:

  • Are you using the best type of pallet wrap?
  • Would you benefit from installing a pallet wrapper and using machine wrap?
  • Has over-specified corrugated packaging resulted in you paying too much for waste?
  • Could you use better sized boxes?
  • Have you considered using suspension or retention packaging to reduce storage space?
a unique Inventory Management Service

To assist clients with stock holding and storage, we also offer clients an Inventory Management Service. By sourcing, purchasing, storing and arranging the logistics for packaging products, Castle can help your business to improve cashflow, reduce storage space and overheads and improve turnaround time.

Packaging Machinery and Warehouse Products are also available

The Castle “complete package” includes the supply of warehouse solutions such as taping products, packing stations, wrapping systems and strapping machines; thereby providing clients with the necessary equipment to handle the packaging they’ve supplied.

Customer Service and Reliable Delivery

Excellent customer service and value for money are key to our reputation. Our team endeavour to always provide the best possible experience to our clients, including a speedy and reliable delivery service, utilising our own fleet of delivery vehicles as well as reliable couriers, whilst pledging to always keep costs as low as possible.

So, is “The Complete Package” too hefty a claim for Castle to make?

  • Quality packaging to protect client products
  • Brand protection with innovative design
  • Free packaging survey
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse product solutions
  • Excellent customer service
  • Reliable delivery
  • Cost savings wherever possible

Here at Castle we are packaging specialists and have “The Complete Package” all wrapped up!

For more information on how we can help with your packaging needs please contact us:

T: 01524 734040

E:  [email protected]

Or ask us for a quick quote.