Single Wall Carton

We have a range of stock single wall cartons. We can also supply any Fefco style carton to order. Note our Colompac® fast assembly boxes available in standard and variable depth.  Also see our printed carton section for standard printed or bespoke printed cartons.

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Available product options
Code Description Size Grade Pack Qty Select
CP154404040Colompac® Eurobox394 x 394 x 387B-FluteBox 10
CP154401510Colompac® Eurobox394 x 144 x 87B-FluteBox 10
CP154301040Colompac® Eurobox294 x 94 x 387B-FluteBox 10
CP154202020Colompac® Eurobox194 x 194 x 187B-FluteBox 10
CP154201010Colompac® Eurobox195 x 95 x 90E-FluteBox 20
CP151110Colompac® fast assembly213 x 153 x 109Box 10
CP141208Colompac® fast assembly variable depth344 x 290 x 32-132Box 10
BXSW372582375 x 255 x 82125TL2/T/BEa
BXSW351512353 x 154 x 120125K/T/BEa
BXSW312170U310 x 215 x 70Ea
BXSW3121125U311 x 210 x 125140WT/T140BEa
BXSW311113U310 x 115 x 130125K/T/BEa
BXSW302410U300 x 240 x 100Ea
BXSW302190U308 x 217 x 90Ea
BXSW291612U295 x 160 x 125200K/T/BEa
BXSW291612J295 x 160 x 125125K.T'B'Ea