Pre-stretched film

Stretchfilm that has been pre-stretched at the point of manufacture and stored on the core in its stretched state. A very efficient form of pallet wrap which contracts when applied to the pallet.

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Available product options
Code Description Size Grade Colour Pack Qty Select
PSHB4060XExtended Core400mm x 600mBlueRoll
PSH408Blown400mm x 600mRoll
H45606SBBlown400mm x 600m24 gaugeRoll
H45360E-Stretch Hyper™ machine450mm x 3600m30 gaugeRoll
H45320E-Stretch Hyper™ machine450mm x 3200m36 gaugeRoll
H45300Blown machine450mm x 3000m30 gaugeRoll
H40607SBlown400mm x 600m30 gaugeRoll
H40607EBlown extended core400mm x 600m30 gaugeRoll
H40606EBlown extended core400mm x 600m24 gaugeRoll
BXES40606E-Stretch Hyper™ extended core400mm x 600m24 gaugeRoll
E4051200EE-Stretch Hyper™ extended core400mm x 1200mRoll
CMSSP50250% Stretch500mm200 gaugeRoll
CMSPM50300% Stretch500mm200 gaugeRoll
CMP5259250% Stretch500mm100 gaugeBlackRoll
CMP5235250% Stretch500mm92 gaugeBlueRoll
CMP523500mm92 gaugeRoll