Safety & Warning Signs

Solid red rectangle or square providing information on fire equipment or personnel plus

Green rectangle or square indicating safe procedure in case of fire

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Available product options
Code Description Size Grade Pack Qty Select
FX04211Fire Exit Running Man Arrow Down150x450mmRigid or S/AEa
FX04311Fire Exit Running Man Arrow Left150x450mmRigid or S/AEa
FX04411Fire Exit Running Man Arrow Right150x450mmRigid or S/AEa
FX04430Fire Exit Running Man Arrow Right300x600mmRigid or S/AEa
FX05111Fire Exit Keep Clear150x450mmRigid or S/AEa
FR04536Fire Assembly Point450x600mmRigid or S/AEa
FR02125CO2 Extinguisher For use on ....300x100mmRigid or S/AEa
FR02625Dry Powder Extinguisher For use on ....300x100mmRigid or S/AEa
FR08025Foam Extinguisher For use on ....300x100mmRigid or S/AEa
FR09425Water Extinguisher For use on ....300x100mmRigid or S/AEa
FR09927Fire Action Notice (Symbolised)300x250mmRigid or S/AEa
FR09951Fire Action Notice (Symbolised)210x148mmRigid or S/AEa
FR08721Know Your Fire Extinguisher Colour Code250x300mmRigid or S/AEa