Gloves & Aprons

Selection of gloves & aprons suitable for use in multiple applications

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Available product options
Code Description Size Grade Colour Pack Qty Select
DVG123Lightly powdered vinylLargeBox 100
DVG122Lightly powdered vinylMediumBox 100
PFGMBKPowder Free NitrileMediumBlackBox 1000
PFGMBLPowder Free NitrileMediumBlueBox 1000
PFGLBKPowder Free NitrileLargeBlackBox 1000
PFGLBLPowder Free NitrileLargeBlueBox 1000
PFGSBLPowder Free NitrileSmallBlueBox 1000
PFGXLBKPowder Free NitrileExtra largeBlackBox 1000
PFGXLBLPowder Free NitrileExtra LargeBlueBox 1000
RGLDisposable rubberLargePair
RGMDisposable rubberMediumPair
RGSDisposable rubberSmallPair
VGLPFPowder Free VinylLargeBluePack of 100
VGMPFPowder Free VinylMediumBluePack of 100
VGXLPFPowder Free VinylExtra largeBluePack of 100
BXAPR70117Clear Virgin PE Disposable Apron700 x 1170 mm20muClear500 per pack