Double Wall Carton

We have a range of stock double wall cartons. We can also supply any Fefco style carton to order. Also see our printed carton section for standard printed or bespoke printed cartons.

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Available product options
Code Size Grade Colour Pack Qty Select
BXDW813213U818 x 325 x 132125TL/T/BCEa
BXDW682325U686 x 229 x 254125K/T/BCEa
BXDW662120U665 x 210 x 200300K/T/BCEa
BXDW613815U610 x 380 x 150125TL2/T/BCEa
BXDW593716U590 x 370 x 162200K/K/BCEa
BXDW563714U560 x 370 x 140150K/T/BCEa
BXDW543217U546 x 320 x 175125 K/T/BCEa
BXDW523621520 x 360 x 210125 K/T BCEa
BXDW513115U/2515 x 315 x 155200K/T/BCEa
BXDW512820U512 x 280 x 200125T/T/BCEa
BXDW493323U490 x 330 x 231125T/T/BCEa
BXDW471742470 x 175 x 420200K/T/BCEa
DW453030457 x 305 x 305125K/T/BCBrownEa
BXDW443415U444 x 345 x 152125T/T/BCEa
BXDW442921U440 x 290 x 210200K/T/BCEa
BXDW403033U400 x 300 x 330200K/T/BCEa