Orbital Wrappers – All Round Winners!

Orbital Wrappers PlasticbandOrbital Wrappers Emba-TrayTec

Castle’s range of products is not limited to boxes and other types of packaging. It has long been a priority at Castle to offer our clients supplementary products and systems that introduce efficiencies into their packaging operation. We supply many warehouse solutions such as adhesives, taping and strapping, dispensers and packing stations. One area that we believe can add value to a packaging operation is that of Orbital Wrappers.

Not all products fit snuggly into boxes, and even if they do, they often need additional protection during transportation. Orbital Wrappers protect products by tightly wrapping stretch film around them as they pass through the machine, leaving no room for movement during transportation. Orbital Wrappers are particularly effective when wrapping products of more challenging shapes and sizes.


What are the advantages of using an Orbital Wrapper?

  • Protection of goods from damage, dirt and humidity
  • Speedy packaging
  • Tight packaging to prevent movement during transportation and storage
  • Reduction in manual handling
  • No need for additional staff to pack oddly shaped products
  • Job estimates are easy to provide due to consistent packaging times
  • Easy to operate


Which Orbital Wrappers do Castle supply?

Castle provide two orbital wrapping systems: the Plasticband range, for which we are proud to be the sole distributor in the north of the UK; and the Emba-TrayTec® system.



Designed to wrap mouldings, profiles, blinds, shelves and kit furniture, the semi-automatic Neleo model or the fully automatic Atis model each come complete with gravity roller conveyors and ancillary items as required. In addition there is the Artemis model suitable for wrapping round items.



This automatic packaging solution offers maximum flexibility of height and weight up to 160kg. The important thing is that the product fits the size of the shipping box provided. The automatic feed is used to vertically wrap the tray and product with the special stretch film. It is ideal for varying sized goods such as gears, pumps, motors, replacement parts and sensitive machine components. The Emba-TrayTec® is small, silent and can be seamlessly integrated into any packaging operation.


Orbital Wrappers are very flexible and can be easily adapted to meet the demands of packing any kind of product, regardless of shape, size, length or material. If you would like more information about our Orbital Wrappers, or would like to see a product demonstration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.