Branded Packaging Solutions

 Branded Packaging 

Whether it’s for presentation packaging of a product, or packaging used for transit, through innovative branded packaging design, Castle can help you shout about your brand and make an impact at every touch point of the product’s journey. It’s all about great brand management and adding value.  Branding influences the consumer experience across multiple touch points; ensuring your product makes the impact it deserves.


You’ll be familiar with the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. But you do. It’s no different with the packaging of a product. Packaging is today’s brand communicator, a silent sales force that offers a natural vehicle for successful message delivery. It’s an easy way to constantly remind your clients that you are a professional company that pays great attention to every detail and enables you to create a meaningful relationship with your customers.

Retail Packaging

For shoppers, the products on the shelves need extra help to stand out. Without the option to jump up and down, shouting “choose me!” the only way to grab attention is to stand proudly in some rather nifty packaging. Branded packaging extends your message and campaign reach across shelves and shop floors, increasing your marketing capabilities to solve your branding needs.

Branded boxes also shout “quality” to the rafters. High-end retailers want to give their customers that tactile experience of knowing that they own a quality, desirable product, making branded packaging a critical part of effective product marketing. It’s no different with shipping packaging – your clients know they have bought into quality, which gives them more confidence that the products will be well received. Packaging tells your company story, with the variability of other marketing channels.

Branded Packaging Solutions at Castle

Castle have many years’ experience in creating amazing packaging designs.  This is not a straight forward process, as protection, shape and other product features come into play, but we guide our clients on the best kind of board and printing to use, to tick both the innovation and practicality boxes (see what we did there!)

It’s very much a consultative process where we work alongside the client to agree the brief, suggesting and reviewing the best ways to add value to the brand and the customer experience, before we release the magic.

Printed Packaging

Castle supply cardboard packaging in all FEFCO styles using a variety of printing processes. Branded boxes for shipping are usually from corrugated board, and presentation packaging usually in solid or folding boxboard, which can be litho printed. The designers at Castle often produce branded solutions with high-quality print on strong corrugated board to remove the need for additional outer packaging.

Branded Packaging Printing Options

  • Corrugated Litho Laminated Packaging

By using corrugated litho laminated boxes you can have the win-win-win of protection, visual impact and exceptional print quality. Your artwork is printed directly on to quality paper by using a full litho print, which is then laminated onto the corrugated board.

  • Flexographic Print Corrugated Packaging

Your bespoke artwork is printed directly onto corrugated sheets, by using a range of biodegradable and Pantone inks. Flexo print tends to be a more cost effective option due to the speed at which flexo printed boxes can be produced. These boxes also have fewer size restrictions, making it a versatile alternative.

  • Screen Printed Board

More suited to smaller production runs, screen printed board is ideal for large, bold designs. Screen printing is a stencil method. The design is imposed on a screen of polyester or other fine mesh, with a number of screens being used to produce a multi-coloured image if required.

  • Printed Tape

Castle supply a large range of printed tape including PVC, polypropylene, Kraft paper, gummed and self-adhesive, and tamper evident. We also provide warning tapes with a variety of messages.

  • Printed Pallet Protection

The whole transit experience is further enhanced by printing pallet load stability products such as pallet wrap, edge guards, top covers, strapping, and DO NOT STACK cones

Benefits of Branded Packaging with Castle

  • Promote your brand with creative packaging solutions
  • A strong return on your packaging investment
  • Added value to your product and your clients’ brand experience
  • Bespoke packaging solutions, tailored to your budget and activity

If you would like to know more about how Castle can add value to your packaging through innovative bespoke branding solutions, please contact us.